What is ajatuxii?

Started this blog after my kids pressed me to do it. And I chose the domain ajatuxii.com because it originates from the word ajatuksia, which is Finnish for thoughts. So all in all I will write my thoughts here on this blog about tech and design and probably about other stuff too.

I am a Microsoft fan, so probably I am a bit biased in my posts, but honestly I think Microsoft software, hardware and the whole ecosystem is the best there is. Mobile first, cloud first is the mantra I can relate to quite easily.

Here in Finland we are living quite hard times, the economy is in recession – already the past 5 years and it will stay the same for the following few years. So because of that we need to do something, businesses need to change and adapt their work methods to be more productive. Mobile first, cloud first is essential to this change.

But the third thing which I see as important is design. We need to understand that the success to be more productive is to have beautifully designed apps/software with clear and easy usability for the users to love and to use those apps/software. Too many times I have experienced crappy UI/UX in software and in mobile apps which the users have hated to use. So let’s do this right.

Ari Suominen

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