TGIF – week 47

Fridays is the day when I plan to give a summary of interesting stuff I have found in the tech sphere that will help you and at the end lighting up your day with a funny video or cartoon. So this is my first TGIF summary.

Update your Windows 10

This following article is only in Finnish. Read it and update your Windows 10.

Office Insider program

Are you an Office 365 Home/Personal/University subscriber? Now is your chance to participate in the Office Insider program.

Windows 10 Field Guide

“Windows 10 Field Guide is a full-length e-book about the latest version of Microsoft Windows, aimed at those users who will upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, or acquire Windows 10 with a new PC or device.” – written by Paul Thurrott, Rafael Rivera and Martin McClean.
You can download it here for a small fee.

Continuum for Windows Mobile video

Apple Won’t Copy Microsoft’s Example

No Hybrid MacBook + iPad Device Planned according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. I would say not for now, but I am sure it will come. Read it yourself and make your own opinion.

10 features everyone should try after installing the Windows 10 November update.

Make the best out of your Windows 10 by following these tips.

Share from PowerPoint to Facebook and Twitter

Social Share is a free Plug-in to PowerPoint to make it easier to share your content and slides to your social network. Download it here.

Funny stuff

Ari Suominen


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