Made in Finland: the Eve T1 Windows tablet

This is my first weekly “official” Made in Finland article, where I want to point out the great innovative things that are produced in the tech sphere here in Finland. The recession in Finland needs innovative companies with great innovative products, solutions and services to take the economy up again.

Introducing the Eve T1 8 inch Windows tablet

I will not write a technical review about the Eve T1 tablet by Eve Tech as it has been written already in so many places like:

and on many more.

I did pre-order mine immediately as it was announced late last year. Why? I was seeking a smaller 8 inch Windows tablet becide my Surface Pro 3 and the Eve T1 fit perfectly to that category. At the time it arrived it still had the Windows 8.1 operating system but of course it was upgradable to Windows 10.


I use the Eve T1 a lot. It is with me almost daily when I take my son to football practice and I wait for him the hour and a half. I can read the news, write my blog, check email and surf with it. Now with Windows 10 it is even better.

I like the feel of it. The design is nice. It is not slippery in your hands and the screen is bright. What I miss is some kind of cover for it. There are two major things that makes it even better, the price 159 € and that it has a built in GPS. I have not found yet another 8 inch Windows tablet that has a GPS in it, have you?

In my car I have a built in navigation system, which I hate because the maps are always outdated and if I choose to update it, I have to pay 199 € for it, and they update the maps for my car only once in a year 😦

I go every summer by car to Europe with my family, so a navigation system is a must. I used to have an iPad mounted from the windshield and the TomTom app for navigation. It was good and ok, but it was just too big. No, I didn’t want to buy a iPad Mini, cause I wouldn’t use i that much.

Now I have the optimal solution in my car; the Eve T1 with the Windows 10 Maps application for navigation and a nicely designed Satechi Universal Tablet CD Slot Mount for 5″ – 11″ Tablets. I can download all the maps I need for my trips using the Maps application. It is not in my way on the windshield either. And I can use the tablet daily where ever I am enjoying the things I do with it. Btw. the photo on top is from my car.

So all kudos to Eve Tech for being brave & innovative in the tablet market. I hope and whish they get all the success they deserve. Buy your own Eve T1 here, you won’t regret it.

Send me tips about gadgets, apps, services or other significant tech stuff that are Finnish made and should be pointed out here to the world.


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