Quietly but surely

This week has been interesting concerning Windows 10 and tablets. I had some good conversations about app gap and universal apps in general.

First, based on my last weeks article “Where are my updated news apps?” I got one response from a news agency, MTV responded that their Windows 10 universal news app is just around the corner to be published. The MTV news phone app was my favorite, so this is great news. But back to the topic.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about Windows 10 universal apps, where he was a bit sceptic about the adaptation of it and I respect it. My point of it was that Windows 10 will be a success and widely adapted so it pushes to create universal apps. Even Gartner predicts that “Migration to Windows 10 Will Be the Fastest Yet“.

The main argument of his was that Windows 10 is not the same as tablets and I quite agree, but third of the notebooks on market have a touch screen and more and more Windows tablets/hybrids are coming to market. But and even so to use apps you do not have to need a touch screen on Windows. I use a lot of apps in desktop mode with mouse.

I got a bit of a backup to my argument (in tablets) this week when Strategy Analytics came out with a report “Tablet Operating System Forecast“, which would give Windows tablets a share of ~20% by 2019. Already in the end of 2015 Windows tablets have a market share of 10%. I myself predict that the growth will be sooner than 2019.

Note, that in the report iOS market share will not grow, but will remain the same. Surprising?


iPad pro has not proven to be a success, so it will not gain growth with it.

We have seen in the past that Microsoft has not always been on the front line when it comes to innovation (although this has changed now) and therefor Windows has the so called “app gap” when it comes to Windows Phone and Windows apps. But who has all the millions of apps installed in their iPhone, iPads or Android devices? In my opinion all the big and important ones are already there or are coming now with Windows 10. It is a platform that cannot be ignored when creating apps if you want to serve all your customers – now and in the future. Apps are here to stay. Google, wake up!

Microsoft’s strategy with Windows 10 is the right one. It is an OS for PC, tablet and phone. Quietly but surely they are closing the app gap. Have a leap of faith.

There are also people that are happy about the app gap 🙂


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