TGIF – week 49

So here again some stuff I picked up during the week.

Top Gear is coming back

We know that Clarkson, Hammond and May left the show earlier this year, but BBC couldn’t abandon a top show like Top Gear. So the show starts again on May 8th 2016 and the host is Chris Evans. I do not know, but as the three original fellows left the show I am personally not that interested on it anymore. You?

Home monitor without cameras

XANDEM HOME is an easy-to-install home monitoring system that sees through walls to detect and locate people across entire floor plans. You can use XANDEM HOME for security, automation, or to monitor a loved one that lives alone. XANDEM HOME allows users to monitor where people are moving throughout their homes without using cameras.

And you can do much more. You can read and watch a video right here.


SyncPhone wants to be a PC and a phone in one – noupe, not Continuum. SyncPhone does not come with Windows 10 Mobile, instead it has Windows 10 so you could even run Win32 apps with it. Ok, first they need the money to develop it which is 750.000 USD and of that they have raised 2% and 27 days to go. SyncPhone is not for me, I’ll wait for the Surface Phone from Microsoft first and see where it goes.

Offic365 and ABB

Continuum coming to non-flagship phones as well

During the Q&A session at the Lumia launch event in India, Microsoft today confirmed that Continuum feature will be coming to more devices. Right now, Continuum feature is limited to Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. But, Microsoft is planning to bring it to non-flagship devices as well.

Source: WMPoweruser & Softpedia

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app design guideline

Get the comprehensive UWP design guideline, which has been recently added on Windows Dev Center. Download your copy directly here or jump first to the site.

Weekly funny

Again this is from SketchShe, sorry. But I had to show this

Have a nice weekend!

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