My first impressions – Lumia 950 XL

I got my new Microsoft Lumia 950 XL last week. I said farewell to my old Nokia Lumia 930 by giving it to my oldest son, who anxiously came from Turku just to pick it up during the weekend. He was thrilled to get it, his old Lumia 920 had a broken screen. So we were both happy.

I will not write about the specs as so many have already reviewed it and compared them against iPhone and Samsung phones. I just write how I feel about it.

Microsoft did now make an effort with the package which was nice and gave the impression of high quality product.

I like the bigger screen as my eyesight is getting (a bit) worse with age. It is clear and bright.

As an old Lumia user, the phone has the same design language as all the other Lumia phones, so you expect to get the same. I do not quite understand some of the reviews others have been writing about the “cheap” look with the polycarbonate backcover. Look at the previous flagships 920 and 930, they both had it and so does 950 and 950 XL. So you should expect it. I think with the coming Surface phone the design language will be more “surfaceish“. But I like it, it gives the variety to change the backcover colors or to buy 3rd party backcovers.

I did order the Mozzo leather backcover at the same time, but it did not arrive with the phone, I have it soon. But I am sure it will make a difference to the look and feel.

The Windows 10 Mobile is fast and fluid and I have not yet experienced that it would slow down and/or become buggy as some have reported, not yet but let’s see if it will. As an Windows mobile Insider I will upgrade it to the newest build when it comes available this week for the 950 XL as well.

There are three things that bug me with the phone:

  • the back cover is quite slippery in use, but I hope that the Mozzo cover will help
  • I miss the double tap on the screen to wake up the phone. I sure hope it is coming back. Now the only option is double tap in the navigation area to close the screen, I do not need that.
  • The external camera button is too fast and sometimes when I touch it by mistake the camera opens. It should be pressed a bit harder to open.

The phone is suprisingly light, lighter than the 930 was. The navigation buttons are in the software, so there are no physical navigation buttons. I like it more like this somehow.

I have also redeemed successfully my Lumia offer about the Display dock, so I can try and use the Continuum. Hope it comes soon.

My experience with the battery life is that it will hold the whole day, but I think in “hard” use, you need to juice it up during the day.

I haven’t taken that many pictures with it, but so far it has exceeded my expectations in the quality. I am not a pro photographer, but it is better than the 930 was.

Overall I have been very happy with the phone. With the Mozzo backcover it will get even better. Maybe I come back and give another shot in this blog about the phone, before that I just need to use it a longer period of time.

Have you a Lumia 950 XL or Lumia 950? What do you like and dislike?





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