TGIF – week 52

Merry Xmas to You All!

Again a great week for Universal Apps

Mobile design trends for 2016

In fact, a study conducted by app analytics company, Flurry reveals that the average time that people spend on smartphones and tablets each day is 158 minutes. Out of these 158 minutes, 127 minutes are spend browsing mobile apps and only 31 minutes are spent browsing or visiting websites. Businesses that don’t provide their consumers with a pleasing mobile app experience are losing out as consumers demand more each passing day.

So it is very important to have apps and therefore the design is one of the most important aspects of a good app. Do not forget the user experience as well. There are design trends for 2016, so have a look.

Jolla, back in the game

The Finnish company Jolla is back. They got financed during December and now concentrating on the Sailfish OS. No big words about the Jolla tablet though. But you can read more on their blog.

As a side note, their tablet design has come out as an Android version. This is not approved by Jolla. The hardware manufacturer is doing this on their own and you could buy it here. Hope Jolla is fighting for this.

Weekly funny

Speed Dating from Meghann Artes on Vimeo.

Ari Suominen

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