TGIF – week 53

First of all, a great and Joyful New Year 2016 to You!

It will be an interesting year all together in the field of technology.

New Universal Windows 10 apps

Due to Christmas and New Year it was a bit slow concerning UWA’s.

  • Zalando – the famous online shopping now for Windows 10
  • Wifi Commander: 3D Analyze & Monitor – for 2.99 $, but a great tool
  • Readit – one of the best Reddit clients now for Windows 10
  • Playcast – casting your videos, music or pictures to your TV- Chromecast, Apple TV, DLNA Smart TV, XBOX One etc
  • Mediscape – leading resource for physicians, medical students, nurses etc

RedStar OS shows it’s secret

North Korea’s own operating system ReStar is spying it’s users, so the totalitarian government proves not to trust it’s citizens roaming the closed North Korean internet. You can read more about it here.

HP bringing Falcon, smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile?

It is said it will debut a 2016 Mobile World Congress in February. It should run Continuum as well and better than the Lumia devices as it has a superior CPU. But beware it could be that it never will see the light of day as well, so we will see more about it at MWC. Read more about it here.

Samsung bringing a 12-inch Windows 10 tablet

It looks that this rumor is true and it will be launched during Q1 2016. It should have a 4K display, so it is in my opinion targeted to the people who love to watch videos on their devices. Samsung has already a same type of device (ok, it’s the bigger Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 inch) in the Android sphere. It could also be a “Surface” clone? More info here.

Sunty bringing series of Windows 10 devices

This Chinese manufacturer is bringing out some interesting Windows 10 devices, tablets and smartphones. Let’s see if they come ever to Europe, they suggest it anyway in the video.

Weekly funny

Have you seen the new Star Wars. I will see it tomorrow 🙂
In the Star War spirit here is a great video, enjoy.

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