CES – my picks #5

My UV Patch

L’Oreal has introduced a new UV patch that tells you if your skin is getting damaged by sun. So no more afraid of getting sunburned. Isn’t this good news? For women folks anyway, men will not bother to wear a patch 🙂


Read more about it here.

Ehang drone

This is cool people carrying drone. Promises to be safe. Look the video below. I would love to have one of these one day 🙂

By the way it is controlled by Surface.

Microsoft partners with Samsung on IoT

Read more about it here, but see the demo video here. Windows 10 is coming to household appliances.

Chevrolet Bolt

Ok, this might not hit European markets as GM withdraw Chevrolet from Europe a year ago, this was to enhance Opel. But Chevrolet wants Bolt to be a reasonable priced electric car (under $30.000) for the masses.  It promises a range of 320 km with one charge. Should be available by end of this year in US.


It is a shame that GM does not sell Chevrolet’s in Europe anymore, maybe Bolt could come under Opel.


Featured image taken by me in Las Vegas 2013

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