TGITF – week 2

Week has been bit slow on universal apps, but here are the important ones

Universal apps of the week

  • SpotBright – if you like or love the Microsoft spothlight images, now there’s an app for it
  • Hill Climb Racing – now optimized for Windows 10 with new Factory level
  • Facebook – the mobile version has been updated with new UI and Continuum support. The Windows 10 app is coming soon.
  • Tweakolor – nice UWA to color your photos
  • Remote Desktop Preview – now with Continuum support
  • Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter – updated with new UI, for people who have the adapter (I truly recommend it in business use)

Windows 10 Mobile coming – now!

Have a Windows phone with Windows Phone 8.1? Microsoft is starting to upgrade those phones now to Windows 10 Mobile. So to best start on preparing yourself for it, is by downloading the UpdateAdvisor to your phone. Read more about the app here.

The Changing World of Work

In order to survive, companies need to rethink everything from culture to tools and environments.

Learn more here.

End of support for Windows 8.0

Still have Windows 8.0 on your PC? No, not Windows 8.1. Microsoft gave the last security update for Windows 8.0 on January 12th. So from now on there will be now updates for it (as well as to Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10). So now it is time to upgrade to Windows 10 and please, do not upgrade to Windows 8.1.

A Lego fan?

Now you have the opportunity to turn yourself into a lego miniature by fitting your head on it. Who wouldn’t like to be a action hero as a Lego? Well go to this website and for only £29,99 you will be immortalized forever 🙂


This is a nice work from Google (Germany) to tell a story about how the Google camera cars roam the streets for better Google Maps.

Weekly funny

This is a funny video with Steve Martin about why Atheists Don’t Have No Songs.


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