TGITF – week 7

Sorry folks that I did not post last Friday my weekly TGITF column. I have started something new in my life, so it distracted me, sorry about it. I will eventually tell you more about it later here in my blog.

Universal apps of the week

  • Adidas Train & Run – well the name says it all
  • Grover Pro for podcasts – a very well made app for listening podcasts
  • Novelista – want to be part of writing a book in a community? Well this is for you then
  • Pickit Photo Finder – Find free photos for your PowerPoint presentations. Note, you can also download an Pickit add-in for PowerPoint
  • Fhotoroom – in my mind one of the best image editor tool for Windows 10
  • Wodel – are you a memeber of the Jodel community? Unofficial Windows 10 app is here.

Google Photos

This is an unofficial client for Google Photos. It is a new easy and convenient way to access your photos uploaded to Google Photos service straight from Windows 10. This App will allow you to take full advantage of Google Photos, including photo sharing.


You can download it from Windows Store.


This is for Surface users with pen (or any other PC with pen capabilities).

Plumbago is a digital notebook with handwriting smoothing, realistic ink, and paper, and more. Features include:

  • Smooth handwriting
  • Realistic ink and paper
  • Add pictures
  • Unlimited notebooks
  • Easy navigation
  • Share pages or copy areas to the clipboard

You can download it from Windows Store.


There is a new version of the free LibreOffice. A lot has changed in this new version, but I hate still the user interface, it is just outdated and old fashioned. Sorry, this is my opinion. You can download it from their site.

The Malware Museum

Mikko Hyppönen from F-Secure has created a wonderful collection of malwares into a safe environment –> museum. You can safely view and run those malwares without having to worry. Just take a look.

Are you an Omnishopper?

This week there will be no weekly funny as I wanted to share this

This weeks Cool

There are just beautiful images of imaginary Space travel poster on NASA’s website. You can download print quality images and just wonder “If this were true I would travel there or there…


So point and click to their site and download the images you like or all of them.


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