MWC 2016 Barcelona – my summary

The Mobile World Congress 2016 was held in the beautiful Barcelona. A lot of new things were introduced. This is my summary of the new devices and I look at them from the business users point of view. No, I was not there ūüôā but I made this summary through the news reel I have read.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and 7S Edge

Ok, this has been something that Android fans have been waiting for. It is an impressive phone to be honest. But personally I do not believe Android phones are good as business phones. Ok, it has Office 365 but security is not one of the best. Also for secure business apps it is not the best platform.

It has the newest Android Marshmallow and impressive specs.

If you are an Android fan and want the newest, this is for you. More: Samsung.

HP Elite x3 – this is for businesses

HP Elite x3 combines PC power and productivity, tablet portability, and smartphone connectivity in a sleek and secure device that can dock with your screens and keyboards when you need to work big.

With this powerful phone HP wants to replace both your laptop and desktop. That I am not so sure of. It can have it’s own Desk Doc, Mobile Extender and a mobile printer as well. There is the HP Workspace

The HP Workspace on the Elite x3 creates a virtual PC, giving users access to company curated catalogs of x86 apps via a virtualized solution. Users benefit from quick access to their virtualized apps with a full keyboard and mouse experience not typically available from a mobile device when using the Desk Dock and Mobile Extender.

But it is a beautiful Windows 10 Mobile phone and I can see a lot of business using it. Hope it will be a success in the biz sphere. More: HP

Huawei MateBook

This is a beautiful device, just amazing. It’s main target is¬†for businesses.

There is a¬†recently published study by Forrester (commissioned by Microsoft) about the impact of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in businesses. If companies would consolidate employee’s laptop, desktop and tablet into one single device, the ROI would be 209%. You can download the study (pdf) here.¬†This study can be¬†interpret¬†in general concerning all business types of 2-in-1 devices like the MateBook.

The design is beautiful, it is lightweight and has a keyboard and stylus (sold separately). It also has a MateDock with which you can project to external screens. Btw. the stylus РMatePen Рhas a laser pointer.


Above you can see the different setups and their prices. I hope that this device will get wind under it’s wings among the biz sphere.

I would really like to get my hands on this. More: Huawei

Alactel Plus 10

2-in-1 device from Alcatel. This has 4G LTE connectivity. Coming out in June.


One more alternative for businesses when choosing their 2-in-1 devices. It looks good. More: Alcatel

Lenovo ideapad MIIX 310

Ok, this is more for the consumer market but this “Surface lite” has 128 GB of eMMC storage¬†and 2 GB of memory and optional 4G LTE connectivity. And the starting price is low as $229, so no complaints here. This is a good device for students and home, but I wouldn’t forget to use it in different business scenarios.

It is an impressive device for that price range, wouldn’t you say?


There was no info yet of the device¬†on Lenovo’s website.

Lenovo TAB3 10

This tablet is targeted for business use, it supports Android for Work and features security and encryption options to ensure work related data is safe and secure.


The tablet comes pre-loaded with Android for Work apps, Google Play for Work and supports industry solutions in areas such as  classroom, point-of-sale and eHealth management, so this is not a consumer device.

There was no info yet of the device¬†on Lenovo’s website.

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