TGITF – Week 9

Time passes so quickly. Ninth week of 2016 already, soon it is again Xmas 🙂

Univerasl apps of the week


Wanna use Whatsapp with Windows 10, well now you can do it with WhatsWrapp. It is great app for dekstop Windows 10. No need to open the browser and use the website, now you can do all of it with this app. Download it here.

Android – 90% of users use old versions

That’s what I like about Microsoft (Windows 10) and Apple (iOS), when they update their OS for mobile, almost everyone is getting the update. Android is another thing. 90% of Android users are using an old version of the OS, and most of the are not supported anymore. This is bad, bad news.


The study was made by Duo Security and you can read the full report from their website.

Poll results, favorite Twitter client?

I started a poll 30 days ago with Straw to find out which Windows 10 Twitter client was the most popular one. Well here are the results.


So, the favorite was Tweetium, you can download your copy here if you do not yet have it.

Weekly funny

I love the Snickers ads. This is again a very good one.

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