TGITF – week 11

Back again. Much has happened in the Windows 10 Universal apps front. They just keep coming.

Read my previous blog post from today and update your Windows Phone 8.1 now to official Windows 10 Mobile version. Now you can enjoy all these wonderful universal apps on your phone as well.

Universal apps of the week

  • Two Dots – a great game to keep you occupied when waiting, for your wife 🙂
  • London Travel – if you are visiting London, this is a must
  • Edjing – for all you DJ’s. Play, mix, record and share your music
  • AutoCAD 360 – Take the power of AutoCAD wherever you go
  • AccuWeather – a nice and beautiful weather app
  • UnZip – this is an app for extracting archives (for those .zip files you occaisonally download)
  • HopeCalendar – this is an calendar alternative for the Outlook calendar that comes pre-installed with Windows 10. Supports Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo, Office 365 and iCloud.
  • Corbie – to organize and browse your browsers bookmarks
  • Mediafire – if you use the service, this app is for you
  • Wikio for Wikipedia – a simple Wikipedia viewer app
  • Line – the popular communication app now on Windows 10
  • TouchVPN – if you want anonymity or protected by surveillance
  • Office 365 Admin Universal App – for all Office 365 administrators a must app
  • Dynamic Theme – want to be in control on how your Windodws 10 looks, this is it
  • RxRemind – simplistic medicine reminder and tracker
  • Twitter – now for Windows 10, includes dark theme
  • Uber – I should have put this up earlier, but now it is here. Goes without saying what the app is all about
  • Windows App Studio installer – if you make apps with Windows App Studio, now you can easily install them to your computer for use
  • Newsflow – an RSS feed reader, recommend it
  • Media Player Gold – for those who use a lot of media content. A bit expensive though (6.99 €)

Formula 1 season is starting


There is an nice app from MTV (no, not the music television. This is a media broadcasting company in Finalnd) called MTV Teema. This is the Windows 10 PC/tablet version. This app gives you all the backgrounds of the coming F1 season (in Finnish language only).

We are hoping great success for Kimi Räikkönen and Waltteri Bottas during the whole season 2016.

This app can be found for Android and iOS as well on their stores.

HERE Maps bye, bye

For me this was not a big suprise that HERE Maps are leaving Windows Store. The car companies who bought HERE from NOKIA are of course concentrating on their focus to integrate the HERE technology to automotive industry.


There are alternatives. The pre-installed Windows Maps app is great and I am already testing the next generation Windows Maps app with the Windows Redstone 14291 preview build and it is looking even better. So do not worry, you won’t get lost.

HERE will be available until March 29th in Windows Store.

Other great map apps alternatives for Windows 10 are:

So, rest assured that with these apps or with Windows Maps you will find your way, where ever you want to go.

Weekly funny

This is a great video. One of my all time favorites. SHINY

Shiny from Daniel Cloud Campos on Vimeo.


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