UWA’s 4 U #1

I’m going to change the intervals of my posts here. So far I had the thought of writing the “Thank God it’s Tech Friday” or TGITF every Friday. Well, most Fridays I’ve been so busy that had no time to write them. That bugged me.

So now no fixed days anymore. I write whenever I have something to say or to share that I think is important. But I will have themes and UWA’s 4 U (Universal Windows Apps for You) is one of them. So here is the the first of it.

To be clear, my goal to shareing these universal apps is more practical than anything else. I want my readers and friends find interesting and useful apps for their everyday life, so I will only randomly share games.

  • The brand new Facebook – the new Facebook app for Windows 10. Overhauld UI and all. This is a must for all Windows 1o users.
  • Messenger – brand new Messenger can keep your conversations going wherever you are.
  • Well Prepared – if you are a survivalist or outdoosman, you need this. To be honest, this was shared more as a fun app.
  • StopNow stopwatch – if Microsofts Alarms & Clock is not enough.
  • GDrive.NET – Google does not offer an official Goolge Drive app, so this is the next best thing. I recommend this if you use Google Drive
  • Parma Video Player – this is a video and music player for Windows 10.
  • Reduce – if you have large sized photos, this will reduce the size without quality loss.
  • Hope Calendar – a nice calendar app that has support for Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, Office 365, and iCloud.
  • Old Look – want to give your photos some age, well this is for you.
  • Awsome Tube – again Google does not offer an official YouTube app, so this is the next best thing.
  • Explorer for YouTube – like above this could be the next best thing. It is just matter of tase wich you prefer better.
  • Video to Photo – have a video from where you would like to have some nice photos. This app will help you.
  • ScreenShot Tool – there are times you need to take a screenshot, seek no more.
  • Flights & Hotels – like to travel, try this one out.
  • Pickit Photo Finder – need images for your presentation? Seek no more. This will replace Clipart in Microsoft Office.
  • WinZip – for me absolutely the best file compression tool ever.
  • Vine – the entertainment network of your choice.
  • To-Do Prime – get organized now with this great tool.

I hope you found something interesting among these apps. At least the Facebook and Messenger are almost a must apps to install.

There are a lot of new Universal Windows Apps coming into the Store every week, but I want to introduce only the best, useful and high quality apps for your Windows PC/tablet and Windows Mobile satisfaction.

Title image photographed by me | Stockholm May 2016

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