I chose the domain ajatuxii.com because it originates from the word ajatuksia, which is Finnish for thoughts. So all in all I will write my thoughts here on this blog about apps, gadgets, mobile devices (emphasis on Microsoft devices), design and probably about other stuff too. I don’t want to write technical jargon, instead I want to write from the common users perspective how (Windows) tech can make life easier.

All the opinions written here are my own.

In short about me: married, 3 children of which two of them are already grown-ups and the youngest started high school. I am a grandfather to a lovely baby girl. But being a grandfather does not mean I am old as my motto has always been “18 till I die”. I am full of energy and excitment in the world of tech and longing for more.

I am a Microsoft fan thorough and through. I follow daily what is happening in the “microsoft world”. I believe strongly in the Mobile first, Cloud first philosophy and of course I am a Windows Insider as well as an Office Insider. In my daily life I use the Surface 3 Pro and Windows Phone, which has been my choice since Windows Mobile 6 :-). I am not unknown to Android or iOS as I have a tablet of both, but they are not my choice for work or play, more to get to know them more.

I have always been a strong believer in good design and user experience when creating websites, business solutions, SharePoint web parts etc. and now even more strongly in mobile apps. And these things have followed me through my professional career.

Currently between jobs – you can offer me one 🙂

You can contact me by email: ari@suominen.net

P.S. all featured images in my TGITF column are taken by me.

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